Custom Neon Art

Neon is a powerful medium, it’s colorful presence is capable of dramatically changing and enhancing environments. Neon art, whether it be abstract, images, lettering, or accent lighting, grabs your attention, makes a statement, creates special effects, and evokes festive moods.

Producing neon is over a century year-old craft. The glass tubing comes in four-or five-foot lengths in a variety of colors. Torches are used to heat the glass until it is flexible. It is then placed on a pattern to follow a specific shape. Electrodes are spliced to the ends. One electrode has an opening through which either neon or argon gas is inserted after the tube has been sterilized and all the air evacuated. When current is applied through wires on the electrodes, light is produced by exciting the gas molecules to a higher state of travel. View Custom Neon Art Gallery