Interested in a custom neon clock for your business?

Affordable Signs & Neon proudly creates custom,  handcrafted, neon clocks. A custom neon clock from Affordable Signs & Neon is a great way to entice customers into your business, and are built to last. We can help design, create and install a custom neon clock for your business featuring your logo or image of your choice.

Have a clock repair or restoration?

We can do that too!
Clock Restorations can bring your old neon clock back to life. Today these antique neon clocks are becoming harder and harder to find. Clocks use a specific transformer which is necessary to keep the clock from corrosion. These transformers are becoming harder to find, but we can still get them. The electronic transformers cause corrosion to the metal parts of the clock including but not limited to chrome rings, switches, clock motors, and clock bodies. Over time the electronic transformers will eat away at the metal parts which will cause parts to stop working, paint to lift from the clock bodies and faces. The metal that the chrome is plated to can rust underneath causing the chrome to lift from the metal and flake off.
We can fully restore your clock to look like it was just built or we can leave the original parts and replace what is needed.
We take extreme care of these clocks during restoration due to the parts being extremely fragile.

We serve all of Frederick County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County & Washington County Maryland.

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