Affordable Signs & Neon offer the highest quality design, sales, and installation of LED Message Centers in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County & Washington County Maryland. We install and service Watchfire message centers.

We creatively and expertly design our LED reader board signs to maximally promote your business and withstand the harshest weather conditions and environments. Our goal is for your digital billboard to work for you, year after year.

With LED Message Centers, you can create custom advertising or add a picture which can be changed at anytime.  This allows customization to provide customers more information about your store. You can add sales or special dates at anytime without the need to climb a ladder and change each individual letter out. Plus you are not limited to letters, you can add a custom picture as well.

The Ignite OPX software is cloud based, which means you can be anywhere in the world, and still access your sign to change it if needed. This allows you to be able to use any type of computer without being tethered to a windows based pc.

LED Message Centers have an unlimited amount of configurations. This allows the customer to get the size of the sign they need whether it is in a monument, mounted on a freestanding sign, on a wall, or in a shopping plaza.

Message center also has the advantage of different resolutions which allow more or less pixels depending on the end goal of the customer.

With the addition of high resolution LED message centers, we can now offer 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm high resolution LED message centers. This allows the end user to add more content within a smaller area. This allows a closer viewing distance from the ground and for traffic closer to the sign.

Need a Demo to figure out what kind of resolution you may need? We can set up a demo truck to come out, so that you can view the different resolutions in person. You will be able to drive up and down the road and see the live demo LED message centers at your location! No more traveling to find a similar resolution, or guessing what resolution you would like to have.

Contact Affordable Signs & Neon today to set up a demo!learn more!