Need an aluminum cabinet sign manufactured, repaired, and/or installed?

Affordable Signs & Neon is your source for aluminum cabinet sign designs, sales, installation & repairs in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County & Washington County Maryland. Aluminum cabinet signs can be pole mounted, wall mounted, or hung from a structure. Since they don’t rust, they are especially durable for outdoor use. Aluminum cabinet signs are completely customizable using premium vinyls as well as reflective colors. Aluminum cabinet signs are great for cost.  They provide a large surface area to convey your message. Whether it be just the name of your business, or a custom logo, you can convey the message to your customers that stands out from the rest and can easily be changed if your logo or business name changes.  We use LEDs in all new cabinet signs due to the efficiency versus Standard T5 Bulbs.  LEDs are 100% Green energy which means your helping the earth!

Good sign but bad lighting?

We can retro your cabinet sign to LED which provides a better look, and is 100% green energy.  LEDs can brighten up any sign and save money due to the efficiency of LEDs over the standard T5 Daylight bulbs.  LED’s can lower your electric bill due to the LEDs needing less power to run.

Our highly skilled designers genuinely enjoy helping you choose the best look for your business. Contact us today to learn more about sign options for your business, including cabinet signs!