Indoor video displays are a great way to convey messages or video advertisement to your customers. Indoor video displays can be used to replace outdated projectors, LCD screens, static advertising, or can be used to create custom shapes. An example would be fitting an indoor video display around a doorway or entrance. Fairgrounds, house of worship, hospitals, schools, car dealerships, casinos, theaters, airports, venues, restaurants, malls and many more businesses can benefit from an indoor video display.

Indoor displays allow you to create multiple content zones, all while still being able to convey your brand. Indoor video displays can be split into Multiple frames with custom content for each. There are two models of indoor video display. The S-Series displays optimal brightness, colors, and visibility, while the X-Series uses chip-on-board LED technology for greater intensity and superior reliability.

We use Watchfire indoor video displays for all of our installations.  Watchfire’s OPx software, makes content creation, and scheduling simple due to their cloud based system. The Opx software allows you to control all of your watchfire signs from one location. It is completely cloud based, so you are able to access, make content, and schedule to your Watchfire signs from one location. No dedicated computer is needed, and multiple people can create content without the need to sync with each other. With all of your sign content in one location, there is no need to create the same advertisement multiple times.  Content can be scheduled to provide even more autonomy. This allows the client to set specific dates for the content to appear on the sign. when the days specified are over, it will revert back to the original advertising, or schedule the next rotation automatically. This allows you to get more important goals done without the need to constantly update your advertising signs.  Watchfire uses the same 5 year warranty and quality control as their outdoor message centers.