Do you need a neon sign repair? Got a broken neon tube or bad transformer? We are here to help.  Affordable signs and neon can work with you from beginning to end to repair or restore your neon sign back to original condition.

Most neon beer signs were originally made then dipped into a paint to provide the neon color.This process is used to make the neon more cost effective during mass production. Affordable signs and neon uses a high quality imported glass that is not dipped.  Our process of using the higher quality glass assures that you have no fading or cracking of the paint.  This also provides a slightly stronger glass and a true color look.  Each manufacturer of glass uses their own phosphor coating for the neon tube.  In order to produce a single color, as many as six different phosphors can be used. This can cause slight variances in color when the tube is remade. We do our best to match the new neon as close to the original as possible while still maintaining the best quality glass in the industry.

If you are in need of an exposed neon sign or have exposed neon that needs a restoration, we do that too! Check out our exposed neon and restoration page