Custom Neon Sign- Penn State Nittany Lions

Our customer was looking for a Penn State Nittany Lions neon sign as a gift for both of her sons which are currently enrolled at Penn State.  She wanted a neon sign that was made locally so she didn’t have to worry about the sign breaking during shipment and could be repaired if anything happened to them.  We worked with her to create a three foot neon Nittany Lions logo pattern with an oval background instead of a normal square background or a wire frame like most signs are created.  From there, we bent the neon to create two identical logos in White for the lion and cobalt blue for the oval.  We decided on cobalt blue to match the actual logo as closely as possible.  At first we had decided on 10mm glass, but after creating the pattern, we wanted to give the sign a more filled look since the sign was bigger.  We ended up going with 12mm glass which had more luminescence and bigger tubes to showcase the logo design.  After we bent the neon, we had to build the boxes.  The boxes were made in black cintra to create the neon glow on the background, and to provide a background that doesnt fade or crack over time.  Once the face of background was made, we needed to stiffen the background, so it didnt flex the neon during transport and hanging.  We accomplished this by building a box behind the background. This box served a many purposes including stiffening the background, providing an area to internally mount the transformer, and providing an area to hide the wires from the front of the face.  Once the background was built, we were able to build the signs. The customer centered the signs on the walls, and created cut outs to hide the transformer wiring and provide a clean, “floating” look to the signs.

G Boone’s Lightbox

There’s a new hot spot in Boonsboro! G Boone’s is opening soon, and we have fabricated a beautiful interior lit cabinet sign for their entryway. This cabinet is custom shaped to fit exactly under the eave. It has an aluminum face, with push through acrylic letters. We used G Boone’s own custom logo for this, and it looks great both night and day. Just another example of using a customer’s custom artwork and transforming it into exactly what they need to promote their business!


Custom Neon – FC Frederick Soccer

Our neon specialist just completed this gorgeous neon shield for FC Frederick. It’s around 3’x4′, and is due to be auctioned off for a fundraising event. The neon shield surrounds cut vinyl graphics, on a black pvc background. This is an excellent example of our custom neon ability to take almost any logo or design and translate it to neon.

Do you have a neon sign idea for your business or organization? Give us a call today or stop by the shop and let our designers and neon specialist work with you to make your neon a reality!

Vinyl Wrap on Semi Truck Doors

Watch as Michele & Dominic go through the process of wrapping the back doors of a tractor trailer for Alco Doors. We’ve sped up the process, which normally takes a couple of hours. If you have a tractor trailer fleet, don’t let those rear panels go to waste! Let Affordable Signs & Neon design a high impact wrap, and you can start utilizing that valuable advertising space in no time!

Completed signs for If The Shoe Fits!

Despite the big snow this past week, we were able to get the completed signs for If The Shoe Fits installed at the Hagerstown Prime Outlets! The new signs look great, and will really draw in the customers. Each sign is routed from exterior PVC for durability, and the background was masked and painted with the logo colors. Looking good!