The EvenLit light panel uses LEDs rather than traditional fluorescent tubes to create light.  This provides a thinner light panel which in return has a better look on your wall.  A Light panel can be single or double sided to provide more advertising options or to advertise multiple products. LED Light panels are 100% green energy and use less electric than traditional fluorescent bulbs.  With LEDs being lighter, these panels can be hung anywhere that space allows without the need of heavy mounting materials.  LEDs offer many advantages over fluorescent tubes:

LEDs go the distance:  The lifetime of the best quality LEDs can extend upwards of 100,000 hours–twice as long as CCFL fluorescent, and ten times longer than standard T5 fluorescent lamps. Plus, a longer LED life means less materials are thrown away, a bonus for the environment.

LEDs are tough:  Excessive vibration or shock from dropping may break the glass tubing of a fluorescent lamp. Therefore, a percentage of broken fluorescent lamps must be discarded before installation. LEDs, however, are manufactured using solid-state technology and are practically indestructible!


LEDs are safe:  The EPA in the United States regulates the disposal of fluorescent tubes and ballasts because they contain mercury and other highly toxic substances. LEDs contain no such toxic substances.

LEDs are focused:  The shape of the LED focuses the light without the need for additional components, making them more efficient and cost-effective at utilizing the light produced. Fluorescent lamps create unfocused light, often requiring special reflectors to concentrate the output. This can add to the complexity and cost of the product. We offer a leasing program to help offset upfront costs. For more details, contact a representative today.

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