Custom Neon Sign Design for Rangers Surplus

ranger-surplus-frederick-md-retro-design-neon-signAffordable Signs & Neon recently manufactured a retro neon sign for Rangers Surplus in Frederick, MD.

Harv “Capt. Happy” Kramer opened his first Ranger Surplus store in 1979 in Langley Park. The company once had nine stores over 35 years. That number is down to three stores today with the recent opening of a location at 5630 Buckeystown Pike, next to Beyond Comics.

MAIN PRODUCT OR SERVICE: The retail of army-navy surplus, survival, tactical, security, and outdoor gear. We can outfit you from head to toe, protect you, as well as feed you. We’ve had 35 years to hone our business model, and it seems to make sense in any economy. I started this business in 1979 after graduating from Temple University with a film degree, and finding no one that would give me a start, decided to leave filmmaking to the Spielbergs of the world, and start my own business. I have always been an avid outdoorsman, and had grown up shopping at surplus stores. I aimed to make my business better than any I had seen, so Ranger Surplus was founded. I believe I’ve succeeded in that task.