Pylon signs mark your business location and may be your strongest advertising component. A creatively designed free-standing sign which has been optimally positioned attracts attention and advertises to passers-by around the clock. Affordable Signs & Neon is your choice in all signs including pylon signs of the highest quality in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County & Washington County Maryland.

Although there are many styles of pylon signs, most are constructed of aluminum and steel. The graphics are adhered to translucent panels internally illuminated by high output fluorescent lamps.

Pylons may also include a readerboard. The electronic readerboard serves as a changeable message center for business announcements, sales, events, or other information. A conventional readerboard has individual letters which are easily changed by hand. An electronic readerboard has video animations such as fireworks, scrolling words, or pictures which are programmed by hand remote or remore computer.

Built to last, low-maintenance, and cost-effective to operate, pylon signs provide an outstanding return on your advertising investment.

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