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ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has defined specific requirements for buildings accessible to the general public. Most people think ADA signage is synonymous with braille signs, however, the sign standards require much more than just braille and raised characters on some signs.

Some of the sign guidelines benefit people who are blind and visually impaired, with mobility impairments or hearing impairments, are deaf, have problems speaking, or have cognitive disabilities.

All signs must have:
• non-glare backgrounds and characters
• letter to background color contrast of 70%
• sans serif lettering in upper case accompanied by Grade 2 braille
• minimum letter height of .625 inches
• 6″ x 6″ area for international symbols of wheelchair, ear, keyboard and phone
• positioned 60″ above floor to centerline of sign

Signs for advertising and marketing purposes, temporary signs, company logos and names are examples of signs or sections of signs that do not have to comply.

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Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs can be pole mounted, wall mounted, or hung from a structure. Since they don’t rust, they are especially durable for outdoor use. Aluminum signs are completely customizable using premium vinyls as well as reflective colors.

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Architectural Signs

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Banners have thousands of  uses and applications. A few of these include: promoting special events, products, schools, teams, restaurant features, sales, etc.

Vinyl banners are portable, thus lending themselves to even more applications: trade shows, stadium events, art exhibits, tailgate parties, etc. Our banners have even traveled to the South Pole! (see pic above)

The most commonly used material is PVC, a heavy-weight vinyl. Different banner materials range in weight from 9 ounces to 22 ounces per square yard. A banner can be double- or single-sided. Grommets can be added in order to facilitate hanging the banner on walls, buildings, fence posts, ceilings, and/or in windy locations.

3-5 years is the useful life of a banner depending on type of vinyl used, location, weather conditions, and other variables.

Digitally printed banners are produced using large format inkjet printers. Specific inks are available for indoor or outdoor applications.

Vinyl lettered banners are produced by applying self-adhesive material which has been cut by a computer-driven vinyl cutter.

View Banners Gallery.

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Cabinet Signs

A cabinet sign is internally illuminated and displays your design in vinyl or digitally printed graphics. It can be single or double-sided. This type of sign may be mounted on a pole, wall or monument-style. This type of sign is utilized by businesses that wish to advertise at night or that have 24-hour services, such as:  hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, convenience stores, urgent care, grocery stores, etc. Lighted cabinet signs with changeable copy are ideal for businesses which offer daily or weekly specials.

Several face styles are available:

• Flat acrylic faces are the simplest form of lighted cabinet sign. We can incorporate almost any logo, design and letter style.

• Flat polycarbonate faces offer the same options as acrylic faces, but are made with a plastic which is nearly unbreakable.

• Pan faces have a raised flat surface that provides strength as well as a 3-D lighting effect. They can be fabricated with acrylic or polycarbonate.

• Embossed faces, often called pan faces, display custom raised letters, logos, and designs. They can be fabricated with acrylic or polycarbonate.

View Cabinet Signs Gallery

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Channel Letters

Channel letters are internally illuminated and mounted directly to your building or store front. The body of each 3-dimensional letter or logo is typically constructed of aluminum. Neon or LEDs inside the letter provides the light source. Transformers or ballasts are contained in a raceway behind the letters or inside the building. The face of the letter may be various colors of translucent plastic or clear Lexan.  A reverse channel letter, also called halo or silhouette effect, can be produced by using a solid metal face. An open back allows the light to surround each letter. Combining the two types of illumination produces a lit face with a halo surrounding each letter. Using different colors for each light source makes design possibilities unique and practically unlimited.

View Channel Letter Signs Gallery

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Community Signs

Community signs and sign systems include directional and informational signage and/or directories for shopping areas, neighborhoods, schools, colleges, churches, hospitals, etc. The purpose of these signs is also known as way-finding, getting people exactly where they need to go.

Characteristics of effective sign systems include:
• Proper size for location
• Large enough to read
• Clear letter style
• Visible at a distance
• Display recognizable logo
• Consistent color scheme
• Illuminated or reflective if to be viewed after sunset

View Community I.D. Gallery

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Custom Neon Art

Neon is a powerful medium, it’s colorful presence is capable of dramatically changing and enhancing environments. Neon art, whether it be abstract, images, lettering, or accent lighting, grabs your attention, makes a statement, creates special effects, and evokes festive moods.

Producing neon is over a century year-old craft. The glass tubing comes in four-or five-foot lengths in a variety of colors. Torches are used to heat the glass until it is flexible. It is then placed on a pattern to follow a specific shape. Electrodes are spliced to the ends. One electrode has an opening through which either neon or argon gas is inserted after the tube has been sterilized and all the air evacuated. When current is applied through wires on the electrodes, light is produced by exciting the gas molecules to a higher state of travel. View Custom Neon Art Gallery

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Exposed Neon

Neon signs have a century-long proven track record of producing outstanding advertising results. We produce all neon in-house on our state-of-the-art Eurocom equipment, insuring a long-lasting sign. We have the highest standards of quality control, so you get exactly what you want. We have recently updated our extensive neon color selection chart. This is an essential tool for choosing  exact colors for your custom neon signage as well as repairs and restorations. Since the industry has “gone green,” the new glass tubing is lead-free, making it environmental-friendly, more durable, and more resistant to staining. Plus, there are some new colors!

Neon can be used in these types of signs:

• Storefront window hanging signs on clear, smoke, or black background
• Open-face channel letters
• Wall mounted
• Point-of purchase or freestanding in a base
• Clocks with neon lettering and custom face logos
• Decorative lighting inside and outside commercial buildings and windows
• Pylon signs

View Exposed Neon Sign Gallery

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LED Light Panels

LEDs go the distance:  The lifetime of the best quality LEDs can extend upwards of 100,000 hours–twice as long as CCFL flourescents, and ten times longer than standard T5 flourescents. Plus, a longer LED life means less materials are thrown away, a bonus for the environment. Read more about LED light panels from Affordable Signs & Neon.

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Post & Panel

Post and panel signs are constructed of wood, aluminum, plastic, and/or steel, making them durable. Extruded aluminum components give these signs many design and installation options. They are easily installed and come in a wide variety of shapes or can be custom cut.

Most post and panel signs display vinyl lettering. Another option is 3-D  letters.

Although generally not internally illuminated, post and panel signs can get powered from the ground or other sources of light. Flood lights can be used as an external source of light. View Post & Panel Sign Gallery.

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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs  mark your business location and may be your strongest advertising component. A creatively designed free-standing sign which has been optimally positioned attracts attention and advertises to passers-by around the clock.

Although there are many styles of pylon signs, most are constructed of aluminum and steel. The graphics are adhered to translucent panels internally illuminated by high output fluorescent lamps.

Pylon signs may also include a readerboard. The electronic readerboard serves as a changeable message center for business announcements, sales, events, or other information. A conventional readerboard has individual letters which are easily changed by hand. An electronic readerboard has video animations such as fireworks, scrolling words, or pictures which are programmed by hand remote or remore computer.

Built to last, low-maintenance, and cost-effective to operate, pylon signs provide an outstanding return on your advertising investment. View Pylon Signs Gallery

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Routed Signs

Routed signs offer a wide range of sign design options, some made to look as if they were carved by hand. Depending on the look you want to achieve, materials include: aluminum, acrylic, PVC, cedar or other wood, and Signfoam. Signfoam is an extremely versatile open celled high density urethane (hdu). This material can produce many textures and finishes including realistic wood grain. View Routed Signs Gallery.

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Sandblasted Signs

Sandblasted, carved or routed signs are constructed from redwood, cedar or high-density urethane. They are coated with a highly durable acrylic polyurethane sign finish, protecting them from the elements. Carved lettering can be accented with gold leaf. View Sandblasted Signs Gallery.

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Traffic Control Signs / Street Signs

Municipal grade regulatory and way-finding signs are ideal for commercial and residential developments as well as parking lot maintenance. All signs are .080 aluminum and are available with either engineer grade or high intensity reflective sheeting. Many of  our signs are produced under the  manual of uniform traffic control devices, however custom street signs are also available.

Several post types and mounting hardware necessary for proper installation include:

Galvanized u-channel posts
Galvanized square posts
Architectural square and round posts
Tamper-resistant mounting hardware

View Traffic Control Signs & Street Signs Gallery

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Vehicle Graphics / Truck, Van & Car Lettering

Vehicle graphics are seen by thousands of potential customers each day. Your company vehicles are transformed into rolling advertisements. Since we use only premium vinyls, this is a cost-effective way to advertise. View Vehicle Graphics & Lettering Gallery


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Window Blind Signs

Window blind signs can be customized and cut to fit any size window. Your sign and message is also visible when the blinds are slightly turned so you can allow light and customers can still read it.

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Watchfire LED Signs & Electronic Message Boards

watchFIRE_ServiceProvider_LAffordable Signs & Neon is Certified Dealer & Service Partner for Watchfire LED Signs. Watchfire is an industry leader for LED Reader Boards, Electronic Message Boards and Electronic Message Centers. From auto dealers to hotels to quick service restaurants and national chains, Affordable Signs & Neon works with small businesses, corporations and franchises to provide outdoor digital signage and custom content that is tailored to your brand.

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