Bending Neon with Haley

This is a short video showing our neon specialist Haley bending a small letter ‘o’. It’s a fascinating process!

Have an insurance claim? We Can Help!

This gorgeous SDI van is just one example of an insurance claim repair job. Our customer came to us after repairs were completed on their van. With customer supplied graphics, we were able to reletter the vehicle to it’s original look.

If you need your graphics replaced on a vehicle, let us know! We are more than happy to schedule an installation for you, whether you supply the graphics or we do. Give Affordable Signs & Neon a call today to inquire about insurance claim repairs. We’ll have you looking as good as new in no time!


Vehicle Graphics for Frederick City Trucks

We had several vehicles to restripe this week for Frederick City. The graphics are a combination of digital printed graphics and engineer grade reflective striping.

Vehicle graphics are the best way to create a consistent look for your organization’s fleet. We can help you design your vehicles to coordinate well with your logo and present your company information with impact. It is important to have consistency between your vehicles, website, and social media presence. This allows your current and potential customers to identify you quickly and easily, and reinforces your company image across the board. Affordable Signs & Neon has a team of skilled graphic designers that can assist you with creating this high impact look. Give us a call today!

Truck lettering – Alco Doors

Over the past few weeks, we have lettered four box trucks for Alco Doors.  We completed the sides in air release vinyl to conform around the rivets. The rear doors were wrapped with a digital print, showcasing an example of Alco’s front door design.

When you want to upgrade your vehicle fleet graphics, keep in mind that your trucks are like rolling billboards. We can use every square inch of space for advertising! This truck fleet is a great example of mixing medias – digital printing and cut vinyl graphics. The design possibilities are endless…all we need is your logo, and Affordable Signs & Neon can make your fleet look amazing!

Dimensional sign for If The Shoe Fits

This week we have been working on signs for If The Shoe Fits, a new store at the Prime Outlets in Hagerstown. This particular sign is made from routed exterior PVC material, painted and with raised letters. This adds dimension and style, rather than going with a simple flat face.

Affordable Signs & Neon has the capability to design and fabricate 3D letters, carved signs, and routed dimensional signs of almost any style. If you have an idea for a dimensional sign, our designers can help you make it a reality. We have nearly 80 years in combined industry experience in our shop, and we stay on top of industry design trends. If you are ready to update your signage, Affordable Signs & Neon is up to the task. Give us a call today to get started!