Affordable Signs & Neon can design, construct, and install a high quality aluminum sign for your business in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Howard County, Carroll County & Washington County Maryland.

Aluminum signs can be pole mounted, wall mounted, or hung from a structure. Since they don’t rust, they are especially durable for outdoor use. Aluminum signs can be completely customized using premium vinyls as well as reflective colors.  These signs are non illuminated which works well for businesses that are not open at night.  They are cost effective which allows a temporary tenant to get a more permanent style sign without the heavy costs of a illuminated sign.  They can be used as a permanent sign as well due to their ability to hold up in the harshest of weather environments. They can be used as a temporary sign until the original sign is repaired or replaced.  They can be custom routed to any shape that is desired which allows endless possibilities of designs and shapes.

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